Andrew Parr is one of the most career-impacting people I know. His professionalism and kind spirit inspire a quality in others which makes employees want to improve, succeed, and thrive. I have known Andrew for years, and he has never veered from showing how trustworthy, encouraging, and extremely knowledgeable he is at all times. The dedication and quality of his work is always at its finest, which shows with his massive amount of effort, leadership, mentoring, guidance, experience and leadership. Andrew is an amazing individual who brings out the best in people, and in businesses. He is a pleasure to work with and it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to work with him again. I resoundingly endorse Andrew and Angry Olive Consulting, for his professional ability is boundless and he can master any challenge he is faced with.
Jessica Scott

Executive Pastry Chef / Consultant

Andrew is one of the most detail oriented, numbers based managers that I have worked for. While these characteristics are necessary for a manager of any level in this industry, what sets Andrew apart is his ability to connect with his co-workers, fellow managers and subordinates. One of Andrew's catch phrases still resonates in everything I do " we must seek first to understand, then to be understood." I would work for / with Andrew again at the drop of a hat. The only part of our working relationship that I would change, would have to be the fact that I was not able to work with him longer. I am quite sure that as a GM in the hotel industry I can still benefit from Andrew's wisdom and tutelage.
Rene Farley
General Manager, Winegardner & Hammons

Andrew is one of my all time favorite General Managers. His logical, yet lightening fast thinking provided our team insights that were always beneficial. He challenged the process, and through that challenge, made everyone produce more detail, and beneficially come to a better conclusion. He is first and foremost, brilliant! That coupled with a tenacious appetite for continued growth always made him a leader to chase. His results with regard to people, sales and profits were always best in class. He inspired everyone on his team to stretch, and discover their potential. His teams stayed together, with a strong commitment to each other and to his vision. His sales were double digit positive year over year, and his profits were some of the highest in the industry. Andrew's compassion for people, coupled with his passion for personal development truly motivates people! They get fired up, and they stay fired up. And that is when greatness happens! I enjoyed working with Andrew immensely, and would look forward to working again with him on any level!"
Pat Katz
CEO, Screamin’ Hot Concepts – A Buffalo Wild Wings Franchisee

I've had the pleasure of working with Andrew for many years now, including some intense work on process development and policy deployment. Andrew is simply a great guy. Hard working, intelligent, meticulous, kind, and energetic. He cares deeply for others, and has a positive drive that you don't find in most individuals. He's a great communicator and understands the criticality of process efficiency, teamwork, and strong client relations. I highly recommend Andrew for any task or challenge.
Joe Adamak
CEO, Veritas Solutions

"raving fans" say:

As a chef with multiple experiences with restaurant consultants, I found Andrew Parr and his team to be far superior to those I had dealt with in the past.  Andrew and his team listened to our concerns, helped us solidify our objectives, and put forth a plan to help us move forward.  Typically there is a lot of resistance from existing staff and leadership in these situations, yet somehow they managed to engage and support our existing team, making us stronger and more cohesive, while solidifying our commitment to the team goals.

With a clear understanding of ALL of the moving parts in this industry, Andrew and his team approached our issues from a goal oriented point of view, and helped us nearly double our annual revenue, increase our efficiencies, and build a stronger and more cohesive team, all of this while substantially improving our product, and our service.  I would strongly recommend considering Angry Olive for any and all of your consulting needs.

David Davis

Executive Chef

​A.C.F. Colorado Chefs Association President, 2014

I am a first time business owner and I recently opened a cheese shop and wine bar in the LoHi area of Denver, Colorado, called Mell’s Cheese. Prior to starting this new venture, I decided to partner with Andrew Parr from Angry Olive Consulting to assist me with getting my business up and running. This was by far the best decision I made during my journey of starting a new business. Andrew was with me, providing guidance, every step of the way from signing the lease through construction of the space, hiring/training staff, menu design, cost analysis and the development of operational procedures and processes.

Andrew is a consummate professional who has extensive experience in effectively managing all critical, functional areas of a business especially those in the restaurant and hospitality segment. In addition, Andrew is an honest person who really cares about the success of my business. He is also a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Angry Olive Consulting for anyone looking for assistance with achieving and/or growing the success of their business. I can honestly say that Mell’s Cheese would not have accomplished the success that it has thus far without having Andrew there to help us get started down the right path.

Paula Dick

Owner / Operator, Mell's Cheese

Since 2014, Andrew has been a critical advisor to the Voicebox team, and has been a significant part of our company’s success.

I started Voicebox with very little hospitality industry experience. When my limitations finally started to impede our growth, I turned to Andrew to be our advisor. He brought us the operational framework we were missing.
From the beginning, Andrew made it clear that he was invested in our company.  He was always available for a quick (or lengthy) discussion. He made his schedule work around ours. He refers to “we” and “us”, not “you” and “them”. Andrew is also very well organized and brought much needed consistency to this entrepreneur’s chaotic habits.

Most importantly, Andrew is a good person, who truly cares about his relationships with management, front-line team members and guests. I trust him to see all sides of a situation, and to always take the high road.

I would trust him to handle most situations that might come along and would be proud to have him act on my behalf. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again, should the need arise.

Scott Simon
Founder & CEO, Voicebox, Inc.

The best money I spent, the best investment I made in our business was hiring Andrew Parr and Angry Olive Consulting to lead us through every aspect of our new restaurant opening. We could not have done it without him.
Jerome Brown
Chef / Owner, Longmont Public House

When opening my firm the one thing I could not do without was Andrew Parr. Andrew's customer service skills and abilities to build solid long lasting relationships are just a few of the things Andrew brought everyday to FORTIS.
David Turner
Owner, Fortis