Are any of the items listed below missing from your kitchen? If you answered yes, there is a substantial hole in your operating and financial practices. All of these systems listed are instrumental to your success. They control costs, guide operational efficiency and reinforce consistency in product and practice. Angry Olive Consulting has mastered these principals over 20 years of hands-on operating and consulting experience. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Let us provide you with the guidance needed to create a high performing back of the house team.     

* Inventory Procedures
* Count Sheets
* Food Cost
* Portion Control
* Prep Sheets / Par Levels
* Order Guides / Par Levels
* Declining Purchase Budget
* Line Checks
* Waste Analysis
* Recipe Book with Current Food Photos
* Gross Margins
* Safety & Sanitation Programs
* Master Cleaning Lists   

The Dining Room Experience

When your concept is ready to transform its staff from automated order takers into extraordinary service experts, let Angry Olive Consulting show you the way. Angry Olive Consulting combines fundamental service techniques with cultural development and implementation, resulting in a complete staff turnaround that translates into higher guest counts, lower staff turnover and higher profits.

You are only as strong as your weakest link. The front of the house staff is your sales team, bringing every aspect of the brand to your guest. Training, ongoing education and consistency in product and staff are the best ways to ensure that you have a loyal cliental.

Let us bring your establishment into complete harmony via one or more of our front of the house programs. When your staff can take care of your guests and make them feel special.....your brand will succeed every guest, every time.