What is typically defined as Human Resources is perhaps the most overlooked, ignored and vilified segment of the restaurant and hospitality industry.  The truth is that the very existence of your brand hangs in the balance with the proper execution of a strong Human Resources program.

I9 violations can cost your business between $110 and $1100 per violation, improper performance documentation can cause your unemployment insurance costs to rise, failure to properly document work place accidents can cause an increase in your workers' compensation insurance premium, and an improper / illegal termination can cost you your business.

Angry Olive Consulting provides systems, policies, procedures, and documents to allow your team to avoid all of these pitfalls.  A sample of the Human Resources protocol that Angry Olive Consulting is able to provide to your brand include:

* Management recruiting

* Staffing requisitions

* Set Up, run and execute your hiring fair

* Job Descriptions - FOH w / ADA requirements

* Job Descriptions - BOH w / ADA requirements

* Employee Manual

* Training outlines for all positions & outlets

* Full employee training program

* Full management training program

* Management development and continuing education

* Succession Planning

* Crisis response

* Steps of service

* Projected staffing schedules (Labor Proforma) for labor analysis

* Training Schedules

     - Classroom, Tastings, Mock Service, Friends & Family, VIP, Media Event

* Whole staff orientation day

* Orientation checklists

* All FOH service training

* Service recovery training

* Master file of all HR forms

* New hire packet and checklist

* Employee warning / commendation forms

* Safety program

* Safety training

* Wage and employee notifications posters

* Clinic procedures

Questions that need to be asked:

  • Do you have a formal training program for line level employees and managers?

  • Do you and your team interview well?  Do you enjoy interviewing? How much time do you spend interviewing?

  • Is your line level employee turnover over 40% annualized or management turnover over 15% annualized?

  • Do you know how to fill out an I9 from properly?