Starting a new concept is tough enough in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Don't burn out by going it alone. Allow Angry Olive Consulting to join your team and increase your efficiency, creativity, and profitability with our proven systems. We have an established 475 point opening checklist including budgeting & timeline systems to ensure that every aspect of your business and pre-opening plan is executed and completed on time, at or under budget and with extreme attention to detail. This is the most critical time for your brand to position itself for success and set the proper standards of operations right from the very outset of the project. Our services will save you a substantial amount of your investment with the foresight and diligence to prevent costly mistakes, change orders in construction, poor recruiting and preventing you from making the same financial, training, and human resources mistakes others have made without the proper guidance, encouragement and support.

The Golden Rules

  • No matter how strong your financial plan is, it will typically cost you 25% more than you think it will to open your business.
  • No matter how well thought out your timeline and business plan is, it will invariably take you longer to get open than you think it will.
  • If you are undercapitalized there is no long-term positive outcome to be achieved.
  • No matter why you think you are the exception, all three of the rules above do apply to you.