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The 18 Things 

It’s harder, takes longer and costs more money than you think. If you think this doesn’t apply to you, you’re already losing money...”

- Jensen Cummings

You are considering embarking on one of the most exciting and terrifying ventures anybody can undertake. You are starting your own business. Not just any business, opening a new restaurant (really, any venture in the food and beverage world, for that matter) which is an incredibly personal journey. We celebrate you with both unwavering support and adoration, as well as tales of caution and experience.


The 18 Things (out of like, 892) you better consider before opening your new restaurant are broken into five subsections covering:

  • Brand Messaging

  • Analysis & Communication

  • Financial Planning

  • Real Estate, and

  • Content Marketing.


Clicking on the button below will take you to the Best Served Podcast page that hosts our blog post that includes the article about "The 18 Things," the ability to download "The 18 Things" as a PDF, and an additional link to the Best Served Podcast, hosted by Jensen Cummings, where he discusses "The 18 Things!"

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