Human Resources For the New Restaurant Model

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A restaurant is a unique business type, the relationship business.  It’s time we demand a new definition for success to bolster our relationships with both customers and employees.  Building businesses that are equitable, profitable, sustainable.  The founding principles for Workplaces Worth Working, are to develop a business that can appropriately focus on and balance Wages, Benefits, Culture and Education. 


  • Turnover is a restaurant killer, and it’s hard to find the financial impact on your budget or P&L because there is no one line item to look to.  It affects ALL of them.


  • At 106% annual turnover X $6000 per line level employee to replace, and a staff of 30 employees, you are bleeding $190,800 per year in turnover costs.


Deliverables (These deliverables can be customized to meet your very specific needs)

  • Up to ten (10) Job Stories (May include management and line level employees)

  • Wanted Ad Copy

  • Interviewing 

  • Worker's Guide (Employee Handbook)

  • Wages / Benefits / Culture / Education Builder + Program Analysis

  • Two (2) meetings specific to Wages / Benefits / Culture / Education of 38 minutes each

  • Two (2) meetings specific to Worker's Guide Drafting of 38 minutes each

  • Two (2) meetings specific to Job Stories of 38 minutes each

  • Significantly expanded services are detailed below


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Timeline & Price Range

  • 12-Day Turnaround: $16,000

  • 36-Day Turnaround: $10,000

Program Details

  • Job Stories are the replacement for the tired old job descriptions that nobody looks at and reads.  The include the story of who you are and what it like to work this position for your restaurant.  The focus is not solely on job duties, it also includes the soft skills that are required to fit with your brand and culture.

  • Wanted Ad Copy is the job post you place.  The old version, an anonymous blast on FaceBook of "Hiring line cooks, $14/HR, HMU" won't land you the quality team you want to match your mission and values.

  • Interviewing includes guidance on how to move through the process, the proper way to reach and communicate with the candidates you seek, sample questions for management and line level employees, as well as timing and planning for your process.

  • Worker's Guide is the replacement for the document you may or may not actually share with your employees during onboarding and orientation.  You know, the one in a dusty binder on the top rack of the A/V shelf?  The Worker's Guide becomes a living breathing document that covers Wages, Benefits, Culture, Education.  It is a day-in, day-out measurement for how people succeed together in your ecosystem.

  • WBCE Builder is the system used to determine which Wages, Benefits, Culture & Education your business can and should offer to employees.  We provide a strength of program rating upon completion based on an array of inclusions that we have deemed Rad, Required, and Recommended.

Together We Develop Workplaces Worth Working