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Best Served host Jensen Cummings talks to Andrew Parr about his brother, Jeffrey Parr, the meaning of family and service in the hospitality industry; sacrifices, mentorship, training, development, and the power of "why."

Best Served Podcast Host Jensen Cummings takes the cast live on FaceBook to discuss The Paragon Pillars with Andrew Parr as they outline their collaboration and how, like the Phoenix rising from ashes, the restaurant industry is reborn in a complete re-imagination of the business and people model.

For episode #170 Host Jensen Cummings talks to Andrew Parr about Failure to Launch: The Restaurant Industry’s Inability to Retain Staff.  This episode covers industry turnover of 73% and how setting the tone from day 1 with proper onboarding is imperative to maintain staff and connect them to the WHY of the business.

For episode #210 Jensen Cummings and Andrew Parr co-host the first episode in a series of six, discussing an Eater article called "Restaurants are Worth Saving  - and How"  through the filter of The Paragon Pillars.  This episode focuses on the "WHY" of the problem featuring conversations around six quotes from current industry leaders.

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Chef or Death host Eric Chiappetta talks to Andrew Parr about why clients need consultants, the power of the professional network, how to be a mentor, focusing on self improvement, why properly expressing yourself is still important, being married to an industry insider, why baseball is his refuge, and a few stories about his brother, Jeffrey Parr.

Denver Deep Dive host Charlie Cummings talks to Andrew Parr about the current landscape of the hospitality industry, why restaurant basics and laying a good foundation are still important, and the challenges with quality labor availability.