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Core Brand Messaging

Get Clear On Who You Are
And Why You Do What You Do

Our Core Brand Messaging program, Get Clear On is the foundation of your brand’s voice. Food and beverage items can be commoditized, replicated, or just flat out copied. No one, however, can be you. The food is just the proof that you are who you say you are. This program is where we bring your story to life and put that front and center in your communications and marketing with both internal and external guests (your employees and your customers).



  • Restaurants are so focused on selling food that they spend no time connecting with their employees and customers.  


  • As Michele Miller (head of content strategy at Magento Commerce) says, “Humans are not hardwired to understand logic and remember facts for long. But we understand and remember stories.  We feel stories.”  



Without a real connection to mission, values and what you are about, your food becomes a commodity, that any other operator can serve to a customer base they are connected to.  Storytelling ads direct value to your product.  Social proof is shown through Rob Walker’s Significant objects experiment.

  • Consider your Per Person Average spend, and this example:

    • Number of covers per day: 100

    • Number of covers per week: 600 (You are closed on Monday)

    • Number of covers per month: 18,000

    • Number of covers per year: 216,000

    • If, by telling stories, you increase both the perceived, and therefore the actual value of your restaurant by $1 per guest per day, you gain $216,000 in top line revenue per year.

Here's What You Get:

  • Two (2) project launch strategy sessions of 50 minutes each

  • Mission Statement

  • Vision Statement

  • About Story

  • One (1) Customer Archetype

  • One (1) Menu Story

Timeline & Price Range

Program Details:

  1. Your backstory and discovery. This focuses on who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

  2. Your Message. We work on your About Story, with an easy to follow template for those who don't consider themselves to be "strong" writers. We break this into bite size pieces and make it easy to navigate.

  3. What We Are All About. We focus on the three "C's" of brand identity: Clear, Concise, Consistent. We work on building the product and to whom it speaks.

  4. Who We Serve. We work to build a customer Archetype. More than just the demographics, we need to know who your top five Archetypes are, because they will drive 80% of your revenue.

  5. Who We Work With. There is not a labor shortage, there is a culture issue at mass scale. It's time to really evaluate what you offer in terms of Wages, Benefits, Culture and Education. What will make your concept stand out as a Workplace Worth Working?

  6. What's On The Menu. If you can't write a 250-word story about each item on your menu, why in the world is it taking up valuable real estate? We begin with the expression of the brand followed by the expression of the ingredients.

  7. How To Get It Out There. Focus on a culture over create mentality for your content. It's doesn't need to be perfect; it needs to be real, and speak to your audience. You will learn about the 8/2/1/8 Rule as well as how to keep content appropriate to each platform.

  8. Wild Card. This is where we focus on something specific that you feel you need. It may be a deeper dive into one of the topics above, or it may be about anything else of your choosing!

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