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Don't Just Focus On "Butts In Seats," Take A Whole House Marketing Approach


  • The current state of the industry is to just post pictures of food.  Followed by more and more pictures of food with almost no additional content (or any content that conveys purpose and value).  


  • Let’s look at this theoretical situation, something we call 1K-A-Day:

    • You drive 1000 new people per day into your “digital door” through your content across all your platforms.

      • 750 potential customers

      • 250 potential employees (industry professionals)

      • You convert only 0.01% of those customers (10 per day)

      • You convert only 0.01% of those potential employees (1 per day)

      • If your PPA is $25, you now have $91,250 in additional top line revenue

      • You also have an annual pool of 365 additional employee candidates to choose from



No one is telling stories – the stories that prospective employees, current employees, and customers need to hear to feel connected to you in a way that is real and palpable.

  • 6 pieces of evergreen pillar content which are custom based on your needs

  • New Restaurant Content Starter Kit

  • Content Calendar with One-On-One Coaching – One (1) 50-minute session

  • Media Kit

  • Pre-Opening Public Relations & Media Placement Campaign – Eight (8) hours

Timeline & Price Range

  • Phase 1:

    • Expedited Service 12-Business Day Turnaround $9,600

    • Standard Service 36-Business Day Turnaround $6,000

  • Phase 2: Ongoing Marketing & Media, 6-month engagements, renewable 

    • $2,000 - $800 per month depending on service level customization

Program Details

  • Whole House Marketing is THE specialty of our sister company, Best Served Creative.  Jensen Cummings and the Best Served Creative team will lead the way in partnership with Andrew & the Angry Olive Consulting team to share your story!

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