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Business Assessment  
Pre-Opening Restaurant Phase

Start With A Business Assessment To Know Where You Stand

Opening a new restaurant requires foresight, planning and careful consideration.  Together we need to determine where you are, what assets you have, and those that you need.  This work begins with the step one, the Business Assessment Phase.


If you are considering opening a new restaurant, here are 4 things to keep in mind:


  • It is always harder, takes longer and costs more money to open a new restaurant than you think.  If you don't believe this applies to you, let's chat. 

  • The "Industry Standard" is broken and has been for decades.  It's time for an equitable, profitable, sustainable financial model. 

  • There is not a restaurant labor shortage - there is a restaurant culture issue at mass scale.  The solution is to create “Workplaces Worth Working.”

  • "You do not rise to the level of your goals; you fall to the level of your systems." - James Clear


There are nearly a thousand steps it will take to open your restaurant.  Do you truly know and understand them all?  And the order of operations to execute them?  


Save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run for your new restaurant opening with this business assessment program.  


  • Document and Information Discovery Checklist

  • Document and Information Assessment & Feedback

  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Assessment

  • 900+ step Countdown To Launch critical path to opening

  • Three 38-Minute Virtual Video Meetings

Timeline & Price Range

  • Expedited Service 7-Business Day Turnaround

  • Standard Service 21-Business Day Turnaround

  • All pricing is custom based upon your specific needs

Program Details

Opening your dream place is expensive enough.  In fact, it’s always harder, takes longer and costs more money.  You are about to invest $300K, maybe $500K or even $1.2M in your new restaurant. Quickly understand exactly what it will take to accomplish bringing your vision to life before you take out a second mortgage, cash in your 401K, or dilute your ownership by taking on investors. You've picked a name, designed a logo, and started searching for property.  Well, let's just say you've jumped the gun by a few hundreds steps.  Do you know the budget to assign to these steps? And the entities to engage to accomplish them?  If not, you need to start by assessing your business through a deep dive discovery process, SWOT Analysis and utilize the Countdown To Launch as your critical path. 


Step 1

  • Request for documents & information 

    • We will provide you with our Document and Information Discovery Checklist

    • We will create a shared Google Drive folder

    • You will provide a copy of all of the documents requested that you have into the Google Drive folder

    • You can respond directly on the Document and Information Discovery Checklist for all of the items that are questions requesting information not documents.


Step 2

  • We will provide document and information assessments and feedback to let you know the value of what you already have and the gaps that will need to be filled based on what you don’t have.


Step 3

  • We will provide a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis based specifically on your brand.  The factors for the SWOT Analysis include:

    • Concept​​

      • Style of service

      • Menu / Food

      • Ambiance / vibe

    • Brand

      • Mission / Values / About

      • Customer Archetypes

    • Operations

      • Handbook

      • Onboarding / Training

      • SOPs

      • Equipment Needs

      • Tech services

    • Financials

      • Forecasting

      • Menu Pricing

      • Budgeting

      • Investing In Your People

    • Location

      • Size and Scope of Your Space

      • Capitalization

      • Occupancy Cost

      • LOI / Lease Agreement

    • Marketing

      • Content / Digital Presence

      • Engagement 

      • Website


Step 4

  • Countdown To Launch – From the document and information assessment as well as the SWOT Analysis, we will create your customized document - the critical path you will take in 900+ steps to go from now to opening day and beyond.


Step 5

  • We will have three 40-minute meetings

    • One to begin the process

    • One to recap the Document and Information Discovery process

    • One to present your SWOT Analysis and Countdown To Launch


What's Next?

  • Following the first five steps, this is the point where we will decide what services you need, what services you want, and what our next scope of work would look like in terms of time and investment.

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