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Katie O'Hara

Wordsmith: Writing & Media

Katie O’Hara has been working with clients for the last 10 years offering services in professional writing (from copyediting to ghost writing entire novels and everything in-between), social media marketing, and website + content management. Katie works with her clients to connect with their customers and guests in authentic, unique and memorable ways. She helps them identify their brand and showcase just who they are to the world.

Katie considers herself a "life cobbler." Her expansive diversity of expertise and know-how range from teaching preschool to painting houses, retail to management and sales; and she has over 10 years of service working in fine dining and dive bars alike. Katie’s eclectic work history provides a vast knowledge of client and consumer trends and desires, and she is exceptional at curating one of a kind relationships with her clients while simultaneously helping them create distinctive relationships with their guests. Like all great success stories, Katie’s began with a book… well, seven, actually. While attending college to obtain a BA in Film Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she completed a marketing internship at Boulder Bookstore where she executed a social media marketing campaign around the Harry Potter series. Upon seeing her hard work united with her favorite books yield such incredible results, Katie realized that she has a knack for working with people to build and expand their cliental in truly original and fun ways; and the rest, as they say, is history.

Katie O'Hara
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