The Team

Andrew has assembled a team of exceptionally talented and creative thought leaders whose collective mission is to support our clients needs.

Andrew Parr
Founder + Chief How Officer

When we begin working together, one of my first questions to you is going to be WHY are you committed to what you are doing.  I think it is only fair that I share with you WHY I do what I do as well.  For me, I am a consultant, advisor and mentor to individuals and teams because this is the intersection of my passion and my unique ability.  Translating your WHY into the actionable HOW is my responsibility.

Founder, Andrew Parr, is a restaurant and hospitality industry veteran with over 25 years of experience including operations, consulting, project management, professional mentorship, and talent acquisition.  His education includes a BA in Psychology and History from the University of Wisconsin along with a JD from Hamline University School of Law.  Andrew is also a Certified Independent Color Code Trainer and member of the Project Management Institute.


Andrew’s professional experiences include work in Denver and across multiple national markets. He has significant new unit opening experience, delivering over 30 different properties from design through certificate of occupancy and opening.  He is a Past Board President for the Scleroderma Foundation Rocky Mountain Chapter.

Jensen Cummings
Wizard of Why = Chief Why Officer


What do you do for Best Served?

I inspire our team to stay focused on why we do what we do. Who we are and who we serve. And I talk a lot. 

What food/drink do you always have in your house? 

Soy sauce. Jasmine rice. Butter. Pickled ginger. Fuji apples. Noosa vanilla yogurt. Tangerine La Croix. A dozen different condiments, hot sauces at all times. We love sauces in our house.

If you were a potato, what way would you like to be cooked?

Hand cut Kennebec potato fried twice in duck fat, crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, unabashedly flavorsome! Like me?

Sophie Braker 
Best Served Together Trailblazer = Director of the More Voices Initiative, Lead Editor

What do you do for Best Served?

I am involved in the podcast operations. I run Best Served Read, the blog, and I show run most of the episodes. My main goal is to find new ways that more people can share their voices through the Best Served Podcast.

What food/drink do you always have in your house? 

I always have chai in the house (I can't have coffee, so I live on chai). My favorite is Sherpa Chai which is local from Boulder. 

If you were a potato, what way would you like to be cooked?

I'd like to be made into crisp french fries served next to a nice burger or omelette at a brunch. Hand cut, of course. 

Betsy Cummings 
The Hearty Mama = Oversight of Brand, Administrator of Contracts & Billing  

What do you do for Best Served?


I ensure all client contracts, services and billing are executed as well as multitasking any other administrative needs for the team.

What food/drink do you always have in your house? 

Snacks for the kids, Tangerine La Croix for the hubby and lots of dip options for ME!

Jody Grossman
Large Group Sales, Planning & Activations

Jody Grossman is an industry insider and Rock Star with over fifteen years of experience in hotels, entertainment venues and conference management facilities.  She combines her knowledge of high-level sales, marketing, press junket and private event knowledge with deep operational experience, technical savvy and cross functional communication abilities.  Jody uses this extensive experience driving sales, leading and creating marketing plans, developing and directing event execution, expanding profit margins, managing teams, controlling costs, and maximizing profitability.  She launched her career by earning a BS in Hotel Administration at The University of Nevada - Las Vegas where she was the President of the Student Chapter of International Food Service Executive Association.  Companies and organizations that Jody has worked with include Starwood Hotels & Resorts, House of Blues / Live Nation, Portland Women’s Expo, AT&T Pro Am Pebble Beach, 1996 Summer Olympics Atlanta and Vail Resorts.


Katie O'Hara


Writing + Media

Katie O’Hara has been working with clients for the last 10 years offering services in professional writing (from copyediting to ghost writing entire novels and everything in-between), social media marketing, and website + content management. Katie works with her clients to connect with their customers and guests in authentic, unique and memorable ways. She helps them identify their brand and showcase just who they are to the world. 


Katie considers herself a "life cobbler."  Her expansive diversity of expertise and know-how range from teaching preschool to painting houses, retail to management and sales; and she has over 10 years of service working in fine dining and dive bars alike.  Katie’s eclectic work history provides a vast knowledge of client and consumer trends and desires, and she is exceptional at curating one of a kind relationships with her clients while simultaneously helping them create distinctive relationships with their guests. Like all great success stories, Katie’s began with a book… well, seven, actually. While attending college to obtain a BA in Film Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she completed a marketing internship at Boulder Bookstore where she executed a social media marketing campaign around the Harry Potter series. Upon seeing her hard work united with her favorite books yield such incredible results, Katie realized that she has a knack for working with people to build and expand their cliental in truly original and fun ways; and the rest, as they say, is history.

Corey Nelson 
Storyteller Supreme = Watch & Listen Content Producer

What do you do for Best Served?

I am in charge of creating audio and video content for the Best Served interviews and episodes. From the video and audio of full length interviews, I help create a meaningful story in content form to help inspire and help people's voice be heard in the hospitality industry. 

What food/drink do you always have in your house? 

La Croix and Cheez Its

If you were a potato, what way would you like to be cooked?

Gnocchi because while it seems like it's simple but it's actually pretty complex once you get into it.

Karyn Savory 
Brand Connoisseur = Brand Consultant & Logo Designer 

What do you do for Best Served?

I help restaurants and food & beverage companies create top-shelf visual brands. Using visionary thinking, a commitment to excellence, and a deep understanding of the industry, I create everything a delicious brand requires.

What food/drink do you always have in your house? 

Some sort of chocolate & a bottle of whiskey must always be on hand in our household.

If you were a potato, what way would you like to be cooked?

If I were a potato I would most definitely be curled, fried & seasoned. For me, there’s nothing more drool-worthy & satisfying than a fresh, hot-outta-the-fryer batch of curly fries. YUM!

Jabriel Donohue
Beverage Programming

Jabriel Donohue has been working in the bar and restaurant industry for almost two decades.  Over the last five years, he has worked in some of Seattle and Portland's most esteemed establishments, and has opened multiple new concepts over that time.  Jabriel has served as President of the Oregon chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild and spent over a year as a spirits ambassador for Drambuie Liqueur, developing strong working relationships with various vendors, brands and other portfolios, which often translates into great value for his clients. Every bar and restaurant is different, bringing its own needs, and Jabriel's broad experience has informed his ability to customize his approach to suit your needs and the needs of your establishment.

Matt White.png
Matthew White
Executive Chef       Menu Development

Matthew White graduated from the Johnson & Wales University culinary program with honors in 2005.  Matthew combined his degree with his passion and dedication; pursuing his dream of becoming a Chef and creating dishes that are both original and innovative.  As a Colorado native, Matthew shows his commitment to the community by promoting locally produced foods and products. He consistently creates methods of making foods fresher, healthier and more alive without sacrificing the intensity and excitement of the flavors. Matthew has over fifteen years of experience in banquet, catering and restaurants including Casino and Hotel operations. With an aptitude in menu design & development, promotional events, cost controls and budget performance, he's impact is well beyond the food he puts on the plate.  Matthew proudly serves the American Culinary Federation Colorado Chef’s Association (ACFCCA) through which he is dedicated to developing young chefs utilizing the apprenticeship program and participating in Multiple ACF sanctioned functions and philanthropic work.