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​Private Event Sales & Planning expertise contributes to driving incremental sales, leading and creating marketing plans, developing and directing event execution, expanding profit margins, managing teams, controlling costs, and maximizing profitability.

​With a focus on education, training & development, your service team will deliver your vision to the guest every time; while systems, cost control and operational efficiency lead to consistency in excellence from the culinary team.

Event Sales & Planning


Human Resources

​What is typically defined as Human Resources is perhaps the most overlooked, ignored and vilified segment of the restaurant and hospitality industry.  The truth is that the very existence of your brand hangs in the balance with the proper execution of a strong Human Resources program.


Merchant Card Processing/ ATM's

Mentorship / Coaching

Reducing costs and raising revenue at the same time.  While merchant card processing and ATM services are never a conversation that operators look forward to having, this opportunity has saved my clients an immense amount of money, and I promise it will be the last time you will ever have this conversation again. 

​Angry Olive provides both professional and personal coaching for business leaders as well as comprehensive programming for teams, across any level of development.  Mentorship spans from management to leadership, and beyond; customized to the individual or organization.

Budgeting, P&L construction and analysis, labor designed to drive sales, and overall financial accountability all lead to bringing

the highest possible percentage of top line revenue to your bottom line.


ANGRY OLIVE CONSULTING is the premiere full-service advisor for privately owned, independent restaurant, bar and hospitality concepts.  We have a distinctively Colorado flavor and a national reach.  Angry Olive Consulting has undertaken and executed projects throughout Colorado and across the country from the Pacific Northwest to the Atlantic Southeast.  We focus on highly individualized service with exceptional attention to detail.

Our full range of services includes new restaurant openings, asset purchases, project management, operational consulting, targeted projects, as well as mentorship and coaching for owners & managers.